Afnor Taiwan

Chung-Ping Road N° 102-20F-2
Taoyuan 330 R.O.C.

Telephone: +88 63 220 0066

Founded in 2008, AFNOR Asia Ltd. is the operational headquarters of the AFNOR Group in Asia. We are also one of the largest auditing bodies recognized by TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation) and continue to provide our best services to more than 4,000 customers with over 8,000 certificates in Taiwan. With multiple certificates and nearly 200 auditors, we provide comprehensive services such as certification of quality, environmental, workplace safety, food safety, information security and energy management systems, assurance of ESG sustainability reports, verification of greenhouse gas emissions and product carbon footprints. Over the years, we have embraced the concept of enthusiasm and professionalism, created the value of internationalizing the industry in an orderly fashion, and achieved the goal of helping customers improve their global competitiveness through high-value services.

In addition to being accredited by TAF, ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas verification is also one of the units recognized by the EPA in Taiwan. AFNOR Asia continues to serve around 70 greenhouse gas inspection certificates each year, covering industries in various fields such as: cement industry, non-renewable energy, textile industry, metal industry, non-metal, electronic components, etc., some of which are very famous brands in Taiwan, including Chinese Petroleum Corporation、Taiwan printing plant (Ministry of Finance), Gongin Precision ind. Co., ltd.


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