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AFNOR International, certification and training worldwide

Present in some 100 countries, AFNOR International is a subsidiary of the AFNOR group, with 37 offices worldwide. It mobilizes its certification and training skills to serve companies and organizations. Whether in the fields of quality, health and safety, the environment, medical devices, etc., AFNOR International enhances the trust capital of companies and organizations by certifying their solutions and management systems, and trains their staff on the basis of internationally recognized standards. AFNOR International has a network of over 2,200 auditors and trainers.

Here you'll find a list of our certification and training officesation offices around the world.7

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Companies and organizations around the world: gain visibility and skills with AFNOR International

AFNOR International offers recognized certifications in all areas to bring visibility and confidence to your business wherever it is located.

Have your products, services, management systems or personal skills certified: it opens the doors to new successes for you and your company. AFNOR International offers you the opportunity to improve the organization and performance of your company, to gain the trust of new partners and new markets, to (re)mobilize your staff ... the benefits of a certification are multiple. Have your company's qualities recognized by your customers and all your contacts with AFNOR International, and benefit from the expertise of the French No. 1 in certification!

Our certifications based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, ISO 27001, ISO 26000, ISO 22000, EN 9100, IATF, and many others are acclaimed worldwide.

Find here the list of AFNOR International certifications.

They are accompanied by training courses, in partnership with internationally recognized organizations such as IRCA, LSTI, etc., which are based on the most demanding and recent standards in order to support the development of your employees' skills wherever they are. 

Find here the list of AFNOR International training courses.

Find here the list of our certification and training offices and training offices around the world.

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International companies: AFNOR International, your network partner

Does your company operate in different countries and do you want to deploy a common culture? AFNOR International's certification offer helps you to align your different branches with demanding and shared quality levels, while the training offer allows your employees to be up to date on the known and internationally recognized standards.

Find here the list of our certifications and training courses by sector of activity.

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Video presentation of the AFNOR group

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