Claims processing

You are a client of the AFNOR Group

You wish to challenge a certification decision

. Send us your written complaint within 15 days from the date of the decision (or information about the decision),
. We will analyse your request and send another decision maker if necessary,
. We inform you of the new certification decision, if any,
. You can appeal against this second decision,
. In this case, we send a committee of competent external experts to make a new decision,
. We will inform you of the new certification decision.

A challenge to a certification decision has no suspensive effect.

You are not satisfied with one of our services
(e.g. audit services, commercial relations, transmitted documents...)

. You send us your written complaint,
. We analyse your claim and assess its admissibility,
. If your request is admissible, we analyse the causes of the complaint,
. We determine the corrections and subsequent measures to be implemented, if any ;
. We inform you of our response.
Financial claims are not admissible if the contractual conditions are met.

You are not a client of AFNOR Group

You wish to make a complaint about a product, service, person or organisation that we have certified

. You send us your written complaint,
. We analyse your request and assess its admissibility;
. We inform you of our response,
. If your complaint is admissible, we ask our certified client to process your complaint,
. In the follow-up to certification, we check that the client concerned has implemented the necessary corrective measures following your complaint,
. The decision-maker takes into account the certified client's handling of the complaint in the certification decision.

To send us your complaint, contact us via our contact form, or read the specific conditions indicated below for the countries concerned:

AFNOR Asia Ltd: Processes for handling requests for information, complaints and appeals

GUTcert, available here: https: //

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