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AFNOR Certification

  • General conditions of certification France ( FR / EN )
  • General conditions of certification for international ( FR / EN / CNCA )
  • General conditions of evaluation ( FR )
  • General conditions of certification IFS-BRC ( FR / EN )
  • General conditions for HACCP assessment ( EN )
  • General conditions for the elaboration and validation of a service commitment framework ( FR )
  • General conditions of certification of asbestos-sensitive products/processes ( FR )
  • General conditions Governance Label ( FR )
  • General conditions for lean evaluation ( FR )
  • General conditions of inspection CSR reporting( EN )
  • General terms and conditions of sale Origine France Garantie( FR )
  • General conditions of qualification( EN )
  • General conditions of evaluation in the framework of the SCORE/e-engaged CSR range ( FR )
  • General conditions Equality Label / Diversity Label ( FR )
  • General conditions of sale for tests and diagnostics available on the website ( FR )

AFNOR UK Limited

  • General conditions of certification ( EN )


  • General conditions of certification ( IT )

AFNOR Tunisia

  • General conditions of certification ( EN )

When the certified body has constantly or seriously failed to comply with the requirements of the certification for certain elements within the scope of the certification, the Certification Body has the right to reduce the scope of the certification in order to exclude the elements which do not meet the requirements. To suspend the certification or to proceed to the withdrawal of the certificate and this according to the procedures applied. 

For AFNOR Asia Ltd, available here.

Trademark use charters

AFNOR Certification, available here (FR) or version (EN)

GUTcert, available here: https: //

AFNOR Italia, available here (FR) or version (EN)

AFAQ AFNOR Int. Tunisia, available here (FR) or version (EN)

AFNOR Asia Ltd, the generic available here (FR) or version (EN) and the specific here.

AFNOR UK Limited, available here (FR) or version (EN)

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