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Next Generation Audits: a new partnership between AFNOR UK Ltd and Deep Fathom Ltd

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AFNOR UK Ltd is excited to announce our partnership with an innovator in global auditingDeep Fathom Ltd.

Deep Fathom’s rich legacy in compliance, risk and business performance aligns seamlessly with AFNOR UK’s commitment to global standardisation. Pioneering the fusion of traditional auditing methodologies and technology, Deep Fathom are at the forefront of next generation auditing and are a trusted partner to organisations worldwide, spanning diverse industries such as the Ministry of Defence, Shipping, Tech StartUps, Hospitality and more.

Traditional auditing techniques, in isolation, are struggling to keep pace with the changing demands of the business world. Auditing faces a dilemma. Providing the value that clients and stakeholders are demanding is becoming ever more challenging.

The goal of this partnership is to enhance the value derived from auditing processes for all stakeholders by complementing and enhancing traditional methodologies. DeepFathom’s digital approach reduces geographical constraints and can access multiple locations, roles and departments simultaneously, providing bigger audit sample sizes and producing deeper insight into the whole business environment.

The greater insights enable customers to make informed decisions that drive improved efficiencies and business outcomes. 

The partnership opens doors for our clients to leverage Deep Fathom’s cutting-edge technical platform and signifies a commitment to excellence, innovation and progress. 

AFNOR UK and Deep Fathom share a vision - a vision of ushering in an era where auditing isn’t just a regulatory requirement, but a strategic tool for growth. 

Please click here for more information on the next-generation assessment services we can offer, or contact us.

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Agri-food expertise
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