In Taiwan, Jinzhou Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. verifies its carbon footprint with ISO 14064-1 certification

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Jinzhou Machinery Industry Co, Ltd. was founded in 1990. It specializes in the design and manufacture of manual grease guns, pneumatic grease guns, grease gun accessories, manual nail guns, pneumatic nail guns and special pneumatic tools for automobiles, aviation and agriculture. The company also supplies professional lubrication and fastening tools for other industrial sectors.

" ALBA " is the brand created by Jinzhou, and " The Tools You Trust " is the brand's conceptual value. The brand is named after the Albatrus, the world's largest seabird. It is deeply respected by sailors and considered a "wise" leader. By spreading its immense wings and following the flow of air, ALBA adheres to the albatross belief and hopes to progress with the market trend and become a leading brand with high-quality R&D capabilities. Based on the principles of "respect for life" and "respect for the environment", the company is committed to pursuing economic development while assuming its responsibility for the sustainable development of ecological resources. ALBA donated part of the gift money from the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box to the Stray Animals Association, carrying out practical and meaningful actions to respect life; supporting local fruit growers, in addition to showing primary concern for employees' health, practicing Esprit ESG to achieve low-carbon travel, packaging materials also made from recycled pulp.

With high-quality products and good interaction with company colleagues, customers and society, Jinzhou ALBA provides professional design and manufacturing services for pneumatic hand tools to meet customer needs, pursue improved performance and sustainable operations. In the production process, by reducing waste generation, effectively reusing resources and multiplying energy efficiency, we establish a business model capable of protecting resources and the environment for sustainable development and increasing product added value. This time, we participated in the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Project through the ESG Sustainability Center atChin-Yik National University of Science and Technology to take the first step towards reducing carbon emissions, adhering to the highest ethical standards and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources.

Jinzhou Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. successfully passed the ISO 14064-1: 2018 greenhouse gas verification in December 2023 with AFNOR Group.

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