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AFNOR Group has set up an organisation that demonstrates to its customers that it provides quality certification, assessment, inspection and qualification services for companies. The accreditations for its main activities and those of its partners are proof of this. See the management commitments:

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Regulation for certification activities

Privacy policy

AFAQ AFNOR Int. Tunisia :

Commitments :

As required by international standards, a certifier must be independent of its clients. AFAQ AFNOR International is not only a trusted third party that is very attached to the values of independence and confidentiality, but it also guarantees that its professional ethics are shared by all of its employees as well as by its entire network of partners.
The main thrust of its policy is impartiality of judgement in issuing certificates, equal treatment of applicants and beneficiaries and full transparency of decisions taken.
As a certification body, AFAQ AFNOR INTERNATIONAL recognises the importance of impartiality in the exercise of management system certification activities and is committed to applying a quality policy that enables compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021-1 (2015), ISO/IEC TS 17021-2 (2016), ISO/IEC TS 17021-3 (2017), ISO/IEC 27006 (2015), ISO/IEC TS 17021-10 (2018) and ISO/TS 22003 (2013) standards

In particular, it undertakes to:

  • To ensure the proper management of conflicts of interest and the objectivity of management system certification activities. To be impartial towards clients and to respect the rules of confidentiality
  • Apply the certification management rules
  • To ensure the training and competence of the personnel involved in the certification; AFAQ AFNOR INTERNATIONAL undertakes in particular to ensure the qualification of the personnel involved in carrying out the audits
  • Assessing the compliance and certification of FSMS, in a market where food safety and consumer protection are becoming a key issue.
  • Assessing ISMS compliance and certification, in a context where information security control is becoming essential for organisations.
  • Apply procedures for resolving complaints, appeals and disputes.

Our values are rigour, ethics, respect for our clients and the service we owe them. They commit us to providing professional work to each of our clients and encourage us to constantly seek ways to improve the quality of our certification or evaluation services.

Each of our employees is personally committed to respecting and implementing these values, and to declaring any conflicts of interest and actively participating in the continuous improvement of our processes.

Director General
AFAQ AFNOR Int. Tunisia

AFNOR Asia Ltd, available here :

Policy on impartiality

Information Security Management Policy

AFNOR UK Limited:

Quality has always been and remains at the heart of everything we do.
Within the AFNOR group, our common values are integrity, impartiality, competence, respect for our clients and quality of service. These values demand professionalism and encourage us to constantly seek opportunities for improvement.

Our values can be demonstrated in our daily operations:

- Developing long-term relationships with our clients
- Recognising that each client is different and faces different challenges
- Adopting a pragmatic and constructive approach, while respecting the impartiality of the audit process
- Sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients
- Ensuring that our employees and partners have the necessary expertise and skills to carry out our operations
- Introducing a risk-based approach to managing all identified risks and opportunities

Within this framework, we implement measures to respond to and recover from adverse situations in line with the business continuity objective:

- Maintain employee awareness of the company's expectations of them during an emergency or business continuity threat
- Ensure that the integrity of customer certificates is maintained

The Impartiality Committee, composed of various stakeholders in certification issues, ensures the impartiality of our processes and the absence of conflicts of interest.
To ensure the objectivity of our operations, we analyse and manage risks and potential conflicts of interest on an ongoing basis through the implementation of our quality manual and accompanying documents. We are committed to continuous improvement of our quality and business continuity management systems.

This policy is communicated to employees, suppliers and contractors and is made available to the public. This policy is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate.

Director General of AFNOR UK