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From one country to another, the quality of service in the hotel sector is not very homogeneous: there is no international standard and the classification systems are not adapted. The star rating criteria are specific to each country and are limited to the evaluation of the level of equipment in the hotel. These differences can be a hindrance to destinations where tourism is a major factor in the country's economy. The HOTELcert International mark allows you to display a certification recognised by the entire hotel and tourism industry.

HOTELcert International certification is recognised by all experts in the tourism industry (tour operators, travel agents, tourist offices, etc.) as a credible and rigorous system, guaranteeing that certified hotels and their teams take customer satisfaction into account and are fully involved in a continuous improvement process.

This certification, which is valid for 3 years, is based on the quality of hotel services and is centred on the customer journey.


To commit to HOTELcert International certification is to undertake a process :

  • adapted to your business, thanks to a specific reference framework setting precise and measurable objectives,
  • innovative, differentiating and continuously improving your services on an international scale,
  • reassuring for your customers that they will receive a consistent quality of service,
  • mobilising staff around concrete objectives.

How does it work?

A mystery visitor, commissioned by the AFNOR group, comes to assess the quality of the services provided by the hotel (from telephone reservations to departure and the handling of customer complaints) according to the HOTELcert International standard, which includes 622 criteria.

Following the opinion of an expert, based on the report submitted by the mystery visitor, the certification is issued for 3 years. The hotel is subject to a control audit every 18 months to ensure that the certified hotel is following the process correctly.


  • Smiling staff, friendly staff
  • Availability of staff, listening to customers
  • Quality bedding for a good night's sleep
  • Cleanliness of the hotel and rooms
  • A quiet environment, to ensure the peace of mind of customers
  • Practical and touristinformation, available to customers
  • Quality control, to guarantee the sustainability of the quality of the services provided.


  1. Application for certification : After acceptance of our proposal, you plan and choose the start date of the certification process
  2. Setting up the process : You inform the staff at least 2 months before the start of the certification process.
  3. Evaluation : You progress thanks to the evaluation made by the AFNOR Group, which allows you to better understand the strong points and potential areas for progress of your establishment.
  4. Certification decision : You receive a certificate valid for 3 years.
  5. Follow-up audit and renewal of your certification: We offer you a renewal assessment.


  • Qualified auditors who are specialists in your sectors and businesses. Their knowledge of QSE standards enables them to carry out combined audits.
  • You have a personalised client area to facilitate the management of your certification, the preparation of your audits and to monitor the progress of your approach
  • Our presence in more than 100 countries makes it easy for you to go global
  • The reputation of a historical player in the field of certification of organisations for over 20 years
  • The strength of a network with 1,750 auditors and assessors to help you succeed

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