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AFNOR UK seeks auditors with a new career


AFNOR UK is searching for professionals looking to branch out into new fields as it strengthens its team of auditors.

West Midlands-headquartered AFNOR UK is the UK arm of AFNOR, working in standardisation, publication, training, and certification in a variety of industries.


  • How to become an auditor with AFNOR UK ?

AFNOR can enable a professional wanting to branch out into new fields of activity and impart knowledge.

On its behalf you can be assigned as an auditor, working on flagship themes on which AFNOR’s reputation is built, such as quality, the environment, or occupational health and safety.

Ben Salter, technical and accreditation manager at AFNOR UK, is behind the idea of developing new auditors through experience and picking up individuals from other industries with the right skillset.

He said: “It’s great that there isn’t a need for having 20 years’ experience of auditing as how do you get that in the first place?"

Instead, it’s important to base potential auditors on business sector experience and real working knowledge."

"No-one is asking how many audits you’ve done, rather that companies are trying to develop new resources and find fresh areas of talent to tap into, such as ex-military."

"Being an auditor is about organisation and making sure the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed."


  • What does it mean to be an auditor at AFNOR UK?

When you conduct audits on behalf of AFNOR UK, you will have:

  1. The opportunity to work in the UK and abroad for a multi-specialist certification organisation
  2. The benefit of individual support from a dedicated colleague
  3. The use of digital tools to manage activity on a daily basis
  4. Opportunities to attend meetings with your peers to exchange and expand your network.

Ben, who started his career in the certification industry in 2011 as part of the technical review team, added: “It’s a cliché, but the biggest and most interesting thing about being an auditor is that no two days are the same."

It’s a hugely varied role where you get to meet an assortment of different people with fascinating stories to tell.

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more here.

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