Yulon Motor Manufacturing Co. receives ISO 14064-1 certificate of conformity for greenhouse gas inventory system


Mr. Yan Qingling, the founder of Yulon Motor, established "Yulon Machinery Manufacturing Co. in 1953 and officially changed its name to "Yulon Motor Manufacturing Co. in 1960.

Mr. Yan Qingling, who holds an engineering degree from the Berlin Institute of Technology, made it his mission to "serve his country with engines" and in a poor environment lacking talent, technology, capital and market conditions, he defied all odds and gave birth to the Taiwanese automotive industry.

In 1985, Yulon established a joint venture with Nissan, becoming the first Nissan company in the world to produce automobiles under foreign license, as well as to produce various automotive parts, thus gradually increasing Taiwan's automobile production rate.

From 1999 to 2003, Yulon Motors focused on the "three great circles strategy", and through the corporate culture of "innovation, speed and teamwork", in accordance with its internationalization strategy, invested in the Nissan plant in the Philippines in 1999, and officially entered the Southeast Asian Market.

"Yulon Motor Manufacturing Co. passed the ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas inventory system of Bell International Inspection and Certification Group, a subsidiary of AFNOR International, in November 2022.

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