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In 2021, AFNOR Mexico began sponsoring beehives in order to counteract the environmental impact of our activities. After one year, in addition to sweetening the lives of employees, clients, family and friends with honey, environmental benefits have been generated such as:

-Increased quantity and quality of pollination.
-Increased food supply for birds, insects, mammals and others.
-More seeds available for the next natural cycle.
-Production and flowering of older plants that increase carbon dioxide sequestration.
-Decreased erosion, ensuring more water infiltration to the water table.

Thanks to the sponsorship programme and the work of the beekeepers, the results are visible despite the fact that 2021 was the worst year in the last 30 years for beekeepers in the region, as a forest fire that devastated 690 hectares of low and medium deciduous forest resulted in the burning of wilderness areas, including most of the pollination areas of the programme's hives. In addition, an atypical rainy season reduced the amount of food for the bees.

The estimated result that was achieved with the sponsored hives of this programme in 2021 was :

  • Accelerate the natural recovery of the area: in 5 vs 12 years.
  • 33.5 hectares with positive externalities.
  • 21,105 tonnes of high quality soil, with an estimated 12.5 tonnes of humus.
  • Carbon dioxide capture: 283.66 tonnes of CO2
  • Water retention/infiltration: 390.71/46.33 cubic metres of water.
  • Honey produced: 84,667Kg.

At AFNOR Mexico, we carry out concrete actions in favour of local ecosystems, in addition to supporting organisations throughout the country to take the first steps to demonstrate their commitment to the environment through: orientation, courses and certifications.

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